Report: Weekly program (27/11/2011)

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Music taste of the youth in Vietnam

Our meeting took place at room 105, building D, Neu campus. It started at 2:30 pm as usual. It was attended by about twenty five people, including guests and EEC members. Group 3 was in charge of running weekly program this week. Topic this time is “Music taste of the youth in Vietnam”, which was a hot and interest topic to everyone.

At first, MC gave a warm welcome to all attendances and quickly asked everyone to join a warm – up game called: “who know more about songs?”. All attendances were divided into two groups, one group was INSPIRATION and another was COMPOSER. MC introduced the rules and invited one members each group to play this game. With the warm support of all the rest members, “inspiration” group circled 6 songs, while composer group had only 3 songs. WINNER is inspiration group.

After warm – up game, MC asked everyone to back to the topic. As introduced above, the topic major was about muic, MC gave some information related such as Music Genres, music taste’s contributing factors, current trends of music taste among the youth in Vietnam. Through video and slide, all members could gain more general knowledge about music.

Folowing Topic Introduction part, MC invited everyone to join another game, which related to the topic of course. This time, game was an active one, called Dance and guess. All participants are divided into 4 teams. Each team choose the funniest member to illustrate the songs given by MC. A list of songs was prepared, each song has a special choreography or name that you can illustrate by dancing or action without saying. All teams can answer by raising your hands as fast as possible after MC counting. Unexpectedly, at the end of game, group 1 and group 2 had same point: 8 points. To point up exactly winner, MC gave one more song, which was illustrated himself, and group 2 answered right so they were final winner. Congratulation, Group 2!!

After second game, everyone moved back to the most important part: DICUSSION. 4 groups had 20 minutes to discussed 4 questions:1/ What standards should we set to assess a song/singer ? What are the factors that make a music disaster ? 2/It is said that “Vietnamese music is becoming worse”. Do you agree or disagree with this statement ? 3/Which Vietnamese music features do you prefer : characteristically cultured or internationalized one ? Which one will bring Vietnamese music to international stage ? 4/(for debating) Which one do you prefer : music  for the eyes or for the ears ? After a long discussion, all group shared their ideals, and we can sum up some points as well: to assess a singer/song, the standards should be meaningful lyrics, beautiful vocals and also impressive perfomance. And the factors which make a disaster were meaningless lyrics, crowded effect, cultural conflict, etc. Almost people agreed that Vietnam music is becoming worth with many disasters these days, stealing other songs without copyright… About which kind of music will bring Vietnamese music to international stage, some agreed with characteristically cultured, others thought it should be internationalized one. Debating part was a bit slow, because many people love both music for the eyes and music for the ears, it was hard for them to choose one to debate.

In the end of our meeting, organizers prepared a short clips for last part: English Corner. It was a clip about fruit Idioms and everyone had a relax time watching it. Three idioms which was introduced in this clip were TO GO BANANAS, IT’S A CASE OF SOUR GRAPES, A SECOND BITE OF THE CHERRY.

Finally, MC gave best thank for everyone who joined our weekly program this week. The meeting ended successfully 



[TRANS] 110828 Hayato-san blog entry. Pride. (via JYJ3)

Published Tháng Tám 28, 2011 by Kidlyd

His words moved me to tears T____T I m very grateful that JYJ have such good friends and supporters always stand by them <33 Im always proud of JYJ, more than words can say ^____^

Certainly…If it had been Saitama super arena they (JYJ) would’ve been able to attract 35000 customers. In Ryoukoku Kokugikan with 2 performances at last 20000 people gathered The pressure (value) of 15000 people disappeared. Other than that, the venue is not made to host concerts so to get and install the equipment and the sound system it took an amount of money that is not small. I also heard that the number of security guards had to be doubled. … Read More

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(NEWS) Lý do khoa học đằng sau việc tại sao Kim Jaejoong là người đàn ông đẹp nhất châu Á? (via Spread JYJ’s Love)

Published Tháng Tám 22, 2011 by Kidlyd

(NEWS) Lý do khoa học đằng sau việc tại sao Kim Jaejoong là người đàn ông đẹp nhất châu Á? Kim Jaejoong, # 1. "Beautiful Man" được quyết định trong 0,1 giây Kim Jaejoong đạt # 1. Vượt ra khỏi Hàn Quốc, anh trở thành người đàn ông đẹp của châu Á! Quả thật đây là tin tức đáng vui mừng – JYJ Kim Jaejoong – Nam ngôi sao đẹp của châu Á. Không chỉ có vậy, việc kết quả này là lựa chọn của cư dân mạng Trung Quốc chứ không phải người hâm mộ Hàn Quốc, thì ý nghĩa thậm chí còn đặc biệt hơn. Trong xã hội hiện nay, ngoại hình là một tài sản cạnh tr … Read More

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Rating Ep 5 “Protect the Boss” no.1!! ^___^

Published Tháng Tám 18, 2011 by Kidlyd

Ep 5 is over my expectation!!! And its rating is amazing too!! All the lead and supporting actor did very well!! I like this drama so much, not onle bcs of Jaejoong acting,but also bcs it brings relaxing to me!! Protect the BOSS, fighting!!

And the Muwon drunken & KISS scene last nite,It drove me so crazy!! The more Im getting in this drama, the more I love cute Jaejoong!!

Jaejoong, what did u do to my heart?? XDD

[Music Review] Kim JaeJoong: I will protect you 지켜줄게Protect the Boss OST (via Under the starlight with Hye)

Published Tháng Tám 12, 2011 by Kidlyd

I love this song so much!! and YC & JS ost too ^^

Simple lyrics, simple melody, simple background music, simple voice. These are what's required for a nice piece of music. JaeJoong wrote and penned the song. I was wondering what image did he has or what story has he to tell when he wrote the song. I tried to image a picture in my mind so I can understand what he's singing better. This song has been sung with so much emotion in it. I think I am able to understand. A guy loves a girl. He falls in … Read More

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Petition for Legal Sanction and Order for Damages against KBS Jeju (via WorldwideJYJunion)

Published Tháng Tám 12, 2011 by Kidlyd

I support JYJ

We, the Worldwide JYJ Union and its constituent organizations, members and allies, hereby condemn the conduct of the Korean Broadcasting System Jeju (hereafter, “KBS Jeju”) for its repeated and open breaches of its public duty and violations of the rights of consumers and artists. On July 16th, it unilaterally cancelled the scheduled public appearance of group and Jeju honorary ambassadors JYJ for the New 7 Wonders of Nature (hereafter, “N7W”) pr … Read More

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Hello world!

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