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Published Tháng Chín 8, 2012 by Kidlyd

Thank u Junsu ❤ always give your best on stage!



I will never forget the passionate support and cheers of Mexican fans today~^^ It’s so enthusiastic!!! Though there are 3500 people, but the voice is as though it’s a gathering of ten thousands of people… And everyone sang together for all the songs… Many cried, and there are many fan boys too, all (fans) are local.


It’s only today that I know Mexico is a high altitude place. It is 2200 meter above sea level! It’s almost the same as Baek Do Mountain, and breathing is pretty tough. The dancers had a tough time too… It was worrying for Junsu who had to sing and dance but until the end of the perfect performance, while singing the encore Fallen Leaves…

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Published Tháng Ba 16, 2012 by Kidlyd

Spread JYJ's Love

Spreadjyjlove là fansite support JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) & JYJ fandom

Note: Nếu bạn cho rằng JYJ fan = anti fan HM, hoặc xúc phạm ‘gộp chung, phân loại’ JYJ/JYJ fan với bất kì hình thức nào, hoặc vào đây chỉ cốt đọc tin nhưng luôn bash JYJ fan. CLICK BACK! 



Chúng tôi bỏ thời gian, tâm huyết ra update, không vì tiền hay lợi lộc gì. Các bạn có thể thoải mái share các tin tức được post & trans bởi các staff@spreadjyjlove ở nơi khác. Bù lại, mong các bạn đề đủ Credit, đó là một cách tôn trọng công sức của chúng tôi, cũng như chính bản thân các bạn. Cảm ơn!

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Published Tháng Hai 27, 2012 by Kidlyd


 This is my journey for the JYJ Unforgettable Live In Japan 2011.

Just a heads up about this post. It is going to be very, very long like as in epically loooonnnnng!!. It will include a lot of my thoughts and feelings as well as the events that happened. Feel free to skip around the post. Also please forgive my weird grammar mistakes and ramblings. I am still recovering from the excitement and the terrible cold that I still have now.

So shall I begin?

When I heard that JYJ was going to have a concert in Japan I was ecstatic! I hunted around the net to find out how can I get tickets and from where. Some very kind fans posted the link to ZAK corporation about the concert information. From there that is when my stress started…TT.TT

Even though I am living in Japan my Japanese is still limited…

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Published Tháng Hai 13, 2012 by Kidlyd


EP2: Yoochun~!!!

Everyone, were you alright???

But it was surprising wasn’t it… Yoochun’s “I love you”…

During rehearsal, the staff members also worriedly said,
“This, is this gonna be okay?”

They gave me a phone call saying that [if Yoochun sang that song] the fans might even faint and be panic LOL

Then, at that time I was going to write this on my blog… but how should I write it?

“You might faint so please prepare yourselves when you come to the concert…”

“When Yoochun does “I love you”, please close your eyes…”

… In the end… it’s something that has been prepared… she was also a pretty girl… it’s something that I couldn’t do anything about it is it?… It’s bad?… You won’t forgive me?… I think so LOL

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Beautiful memories

Published Tháng Mười Hai 5, 2011 by Kidlyd

I’ve watched Tokyo Dome 2009 again, for no reason….

And i’m so emotional now +____+

Its almost 1 year since the day TV2Q came back, and it’s also almost 1 year since the day I moved on. It was a hard time, not only for me but also a lot of fans of them.

I remembered how much pain, heartache I endured that time. The lawsuit, group-break up, lost faith, everything happened made my fanlife even harder. I kept crying whenever I saw others’ touching words about how much they miss DBSK, whenever watching old clips…. And that time, not only me but all Cassies had the same difficult time.

DBSK, this group gave me many beautiful memories, gave me so much laugh and cry moments….

I ‘ll treasure them forever. Yes, in my heart, there is always a big place for my very first group I love. 

This time last year, do all of you remember?? everything changed, such a nightmare. While I was in a lot pain seeing JYJ suffered all kind of injustice and unfairness on the world, I heard TV2Q comeback news. That time, while I still loved all 5 of them, i didnt know I should be happy or upset with this news. i kept repeating for myself, YH&CM are also deserved to comeback, to stand on grand stages again, because they had no fault to be doomed. This was alright if… IF they didn’t comeback with the name TVXQ. For a fan, it was so hard for me to accept the fact that tvxq is 2 member, or tvxq is something belong to that sh*t-SM. My faith was losing slowly…

As much as I love JYJ, ten times much more I hate Sm&Avex. How many times I wish those dirty companies bankrupted or go to hell..

Releasing KYHD was such a bad move. I wonder how many fans they lost after that terrible comeback. I dont want to say about voices’ quality, but it’s the meaning of lyrics. it must be the last time I cried because of DBSK. I had heartache, pain when I saw the lyrics attacking directly JYJ, what about JYJ themselves?? I remembered Junsu exploded his sadness  and frustration on twitter, and it was the end of my love toward those 2. Their b*tch interviews later just kept increasing my hatred toward them more. 

Even I hate that KYHD so so much, I must thank to this song that helped me move on completely with no regret. 

I think Im too emotional after hearing Forever Love after such a long time. By the way, letting it out is more comfortable than keeping it inside. whatever, I love and support only JYJ now. It should be that way, isnt it?? ^3^Image