Published Tháng Chín 8, 2012 by Kidlyd

Thank u Junsu ❤ always give your best on stage!



I will never forget the passionate support and cheers of Mexican fans today~^^ It’s so enthusiastic!!! Though there are 3500 people, but the voice is as though it’s a gathering of ten thousands of people… And everyone sang together for all the songs… Many cried, and there are many fan boys too, all (fans) are local.


It’s only today that I know Mexico is a high altitude place. It is 2200 meter above sea level! It’s almost the same as Baek Do Mountain, and breathing is pretty tough. The dancers had a tough time too… It was worrying for Junsu who had to sing and dance but until the end of the perfect performance, while singing the encore Fallen Leaves…

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