Published Tháng Hai 27, 2012 by Kidlyd


 This is my journey for the JYJ Unforgettable Live In Japan 2011.

Just a heads up about this post. It is going to be very, very long like as in epically loooonnnnng!!. It will include a lot of my thoughts and feelings as well as the events that happened. Feel free to skip around the post. Also please forgive my weird grammar mistakes and ramblings. I am still recovering from the excitement and the terrible cold that I still have now.

So shall I begin?

When I heard that JYJ was going to have a concert in Japan I was ecstatic! I hunted around the net to find out how can I get tickets and from where. Some very kind fans posted the link to ZAK corporation about the concert information. From there that is when my stress started…TT.TT

Even though I am living in Japan my Japanese is still limited…

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