Published Tháng Hai 13, 2012 by Kidlyd


EP2: Yoochun~!!!

Everyone, were you alright???

But it was surprising wasn’t it… Yoochun’s “I love you”…

During rehearsal, the staff members also worriedly said,
“This, is this gonna be okay?”

They gave me a phone call saying that [if Yoochun sang that song] the fans might even faint and be panic LOL

Then, at that time I was going to write this on my blog… but how should I write it?

“You might faint so please prepare yourselves when you come to the concert…”

“When Yoochun does “I love you”, please close your eyes…”

… In the end… it’s something that has been prepared… she was also a pretty girl… it’s something that I couldn’t do anything about it is it?… It’s bad?… You won’t forgive me?… I think so LOL

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