Beautiful memories

Published Tháng Mười Hai 5, 2011 by Kidlyd

I’ve watched Tokyo Dome 2009 again, for no reason….

And i’m so emotional now +____+

Its almost 1 year since the day TV2Q came back, and it’s also almost 1 year since the day I moved on. It was a hard time, not only for me but also a lot of fans of them.

I remembered how much pain, heartache I endured that time. The lawsuit, group-break up, lost faith, everything happened made my fanlife even harder. I kept crying whenever I saw others’ touching words about how much they miss DBSK, whenever watching old clips…. And that time, not only me but all Cassies had the same difficult time.

DBSK, this group gave me many beautiful memories, gave me so much laugh and cry moments….

I ‘ll treasure them forever. Yes, in my heart, there is always a big place for my very first group I love. 

This time last year, do all of you remember?? everything changed, such a nightmare. While I was in a lot pain seeing JYJ suffered all kind of injustice and unfairness on the world, I heard TV2Q comeback news. That time, while I still loved all 5 of them, i didnt know I should be happy or upset with this news. i kept repeating for myself, YH&CM are also deserved to comeback, to stand on grand stages again, because they had no fault to be doomed. This was alright if… IF they didn’t comeback with the name TVXQ. For a fan, it was so hard for me to accept the fact that tvxq is 2 member, or tvxq is something belong to that sh*t-SM. My faith was losing slowly…

As much as I love JYJ, ten times much more I hate Sm&Avex. How many times I wish those dirty companies bankrupted or go to hell..

Releasing KYHD was such a bad move. I wonder how many fans they lost after that terrible comeback. I dont want to say about voices’ quality, but it’s the meaning of lyrics. it must be the last time I cried because of DBSK. I had heartache, pain when I saw the lyrics attacking directly JYJ, what about JYJ themselves?? I remembered Junsu exploded his sadness  and frustration on twitter, and it was the end of my love toward those 2. Their b*tch interviews later just kept increasing my hatred toward them more. 

Even I hate that KYHD so so much, I must thank to this song that helped me move on completely with no regret. 

I think Im too emotional after hearing Forever Love after such a long time. By the way, letting it out is more comfortable than keeping it inside. whatever, I love and support only JYJ now. It should be that way, isnt it?? ^3^Image


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